ANDESIGN was one of Titan’s first clients and is still a properly good one.
Ambitious, fastidious and inquisitive, which helps when you’re working with a creative agency like us.
But they had a new project that was a bit perplexing to all. They had invested heavily in the world’s biggest 3d large format printer and had very high hopes for it, yet they just weren’t sure how to make big waves with it.
So they asked us how to sell its capabilities.
Which was harder than it looked.
The printer is an absolutely galaxian 10x faster than its nearest rival, so it should have been a tremendous visual spectacle… except as fast it now is, 3d still doesn’t print fast enough for an amazing object to suddenly appear before your very eyes.
So abracadabra style magic was off the cards, from a marketing POV.
Cutting a long story short, we quickly exhausted many, many possibilities that would have seemed very obvious at first glance but turned out to be the wrong route for us, under examination.
One thing the world’s largest 3d printer could do though was print very, very large objects and the more we thought about this, the more we thought about going LARGE!
And so we created the world’s largest 3d printed animal. As one does. Of course one does !
We printed an elephant, damn it ! And at almost 4m it is larger than actual size. What the hell, we decided !
And we not only created it, we made it a permanent public sculpture on a city street and gave it a marketing lifespan that we hope will stretch for a generation.
We actually set a world record in doing so and garnered the attention of hundreds of thousands via the regional press, social and digital media and, most importantly, we had all eyes of the trade press focused directly on Andesign. Hallelujah ! Praise the Lord !
We had a famous MP unveil it, a crowd of a hundred to watch and a vicious local traffic jam as commuters ground their vehicles to a halt to see what in the hell was going on.
And the great thing about this marketing work is that it will keep functioning for the client as time goes on and is embraced as a beloved city landmark.
Not a bad little bit of work, considering how perplexing it had all seemed at the beginning.